Suzhou, China

Towards the end of Molly’s visit in February we made the short trip to Suzhou, China which is about an hour outside of Shanghai by the bullet train. One of the main highlights of the city is the water town of Zhouzhuang. The water town is referred to as the Venice of China and it really is with it’s narrow waterways and streets and stone bridges to connect the town together.

Molly and I took the bullet train and met one of my classmates who lives in the area, Andrea, who showed us around for the day. We roamed the streets for a couple of hours and ended the day with a boat ride through the different waterways and then a traditional lunch with food famous in that town. As you can see we are well bundled up since it was freezing, but I’d love to go back again now that it’s warmer to sit outside along the water for a drink or meal. There are also several hotels here with rooms facing the water which just sounds delightful, so I think a trip back to this water town will have to happen.

We had a great day with Andrea. Suzhou and it’s water town is the perfect day trip or weekend getaway outside of Shanghai!


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