A Chinese Christmas

圣诞快乐,新年快乐 – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Another holiday season has come and gone! Andrew and I celebrated our first Christmas away from home, which we were really bummed about, but we had a fun, busy holiday here in China. Here’s what we’ve been up to the past two months:

Brawl on the Bund

A black-tie, charity boxing dinner. So fancy, so classy.

My dress was custom made by a tailor, they did such a great job. I mean, those sleeves are killer! I showed the tailor a picture of a dress I loved, but couldn’t afford, and they were able to make me a similar style for a fraction of the cost.

Christmas Parties

Andrew’s school hosted its Christmas party at a beautiful location near the Bund. Check out these views.


Yes, we’re in matching green velvet outfits. Andrew got this suit jacket made as well.


The theme of the holiday party was a masquerade ball.

My class’s Christmas party. For many of my Chinese classmates it was the first time they had been to a Christmas celebration. It was fun to share my Christmas traditions and I helped to organize a gift exchange.


New Years Eve

Andrew and I spent NYE with my classmates at a house the class rented out for the occasion.


The whole NYE crew. Some classmates felt it necessary to take their shirts off 😉



Love this photo editing app Irene has 🙂


End of my first semester

I can’t believe my first semester is over, how can I already have been in Shanghai for four months!? After our final exam last week, a bunch of classmates celebrated with a nice dinner. We now have about 4 weeks off to relax and travel.


So much food a panoramic shot was needed.


Our data modeling professor invited us to visit him in his home, so a small group of us went last week to see him. He and his wife are both in their 70’s and have lived remarkable lives. We spent the afternoon hearing stories of all they’ve accomplished and the places they’ve traveled to. Such a great day I’ll cherish.


Food and other randomness

Now that winter is in full swing here, we’ve been enjoying hot pot a lot. Soup broth is boiled in the middle of your table (or in your own individual pot as shown in the next picture) and you cook the raw meats and veggies right there at your table. Delicious and a good way to warm you up.



Hot pot, hot date.

More dumplings, obviously.


For the week between Christmas and New Year, Andrew and I watched Frankie, one of the best little guys we’ve ever met. Now Andrew has to talk me down daily from adopting a dog.


Something new I’ve been noticing is people hanging meat from outside their windows to keep cool or dry out, I’m not really  sure.


In continued efforts to improve my Chinese, I bought (faux) Rosetta Stone for the high price of $7 – gotta love the copyright laws here.


Finally, we leave you with this bicycle riding cat. Andrew and I are off to Thailand with our friend Molly next week, so we’ll be sure to post about that adventure!


If I fits, I sits.


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